about the owners

We are a local family, living and loving life here on the emerald coast! In 2015, just after 6 years of working beach service, we opened our own business providing high quality beach bonfires. Working in sales, customer service, and hospitality is our expertise and we are so incredibly passionate about what we do. It has been such a rewarding and exciting experience becoming entrepreneurs in the beach service world!

What sets us apart from other companies, is our belief in the importance that our customers feel a personable and approachable connection with us. In this way, we have raised the bar for quality in beach bonfires. We pride ourselves on presentation, and the overall "feel" of our bonfires. Each set up is personalized for our client's individual party, with decor varying based on event. From the most intimate of date nights to the wildest wedding receptions, we have got you covered! The possibilities are endless!
...And the best news -We're affordable!!

Give us a call or shoot us a message, we are laid back and ready to "light up" your night!